Streamline Your Echo Reporting Workflow

Save Time With Change Healthcare Cardiology Echo™ and GE EchoPAC™  Integration

  • Support Analysis Continuity

    The integration is intended for clinicians using EchoPAC for offline viewing and analysis. Ultrasound images are acquired from GE Vivid™ carts, as well as from third-party ultrasound machines. The EchoPAC plug-in is launched directly from the Change Healthcare Cardiology worklist, giving cart-to-offline continuity in the chosen method of advanced analysis.

    The plug-in launches in the selected procedure context, allowing the clinician to view images, analyse and export measurements, and save secondary captures. Measurements from GE EchoPAC are imported into discrete values in the Change Healthcare Cardiology Echo report, saving clinicians time.

    Secondary captures are stored as part of the relevant procedure in the single patient record maintained in the Change Healthcare Cardiology database. They can also be embedded in the Change Healthcare Cardiology Echo report. 

  • Access Full Suite of Advanced Tools

    For existing GE Echo cart users, the new integration offers robust, tools for advanced image analysis:

    • AFI strain
    • AFI strain in stress Echo
    • Myocardial work (strain modified with blood pressure to give cardiac efficiency)
    • 2D strain, including rotation and torsion
    • 3D aortic valve auto-quantification
    • 3D mitral valve auto-quantification
    • 3D LV auto-quantification, including volume and strain
    • 3D RV Auto-Volume
    • 3D advanced re-cropping and manipulation
    • Open 3D4D, vendor-agnostic analysis of 3D and 4D images 
  • Access Full Suite of Advanced Tools (cont)

    For existing GE EchoPAC users, the integration provides an opportunity to move to Change Healthcare’s single-vendor solution for image reporting and storage while continuing to use the familiar GE EchoPAC tools for offline analysis, now launched from the Change Healthcare Procedure List and Echo Report. 

    This configuration allows users to:

    • Access the full suite of current GE EchoPAC A203 advanced tools, including 3D/4D advanced tools and rendering, plus GE raw data speckle tracking packages
    • Use EchoPAC as the viewer for Vivid ultrasound images with DICOM measurements imported directly from EchoPAC into the Change Healthcare Cardiology Echo reporting fields
    • View raw data images from Vivid ultrasound carts and perform analysis
    • Support full off-line analysis, reducing the Echo exam time with the patient
    • View and perform advanced analysis on DICOM ultrasound images from other manufacturers. The EchoPAC analysis package accepts public DICOM SR files from third-party Echo carts. Users can process 3D/4D data from GE, Philips, Siemens, Hitachi, 

Resources and brochures

Fact Sheet

Download the GE PAC Integration Fact Sheet

GE EchoPAC is a trademark of General Electric

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